Forms and Frequently asked questions

Applications and permit forms

Please Note: Picture ID is required when applying for permits to protect your property and verify that the permit is issued to a specific person.

The forms provided below may be printed, completed and brought to City Hall at 9 Bennett Street for various city services. Scroll down for questions and answers below.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the phone numbers for other local government offices?

  • Call 431-3131 for the St. Francois County Central Dispatch office.
    Call 431-4906 for the Park Hills Post Office
    Call 518-2431 for the Missouri Career Center
    Call 431-5191 for East Missouri Action Agency
    Call 431-4768 for the St. Francois County Environmental Corp.
    Call 431-1947 for the St. Francois County Health Department
    Call 431-1069 for St. Joe State Park
    Call 431-0166 for the Missouri State Highway Patrol
    Call 431-6592 for Missouri Division of Family Services
    Call 431-2610 for the Park Hills Social Security office
    Call 211 from a land line or (800) 427-4626 from a cellular phone for basic needs
    Call 431-5196 for Leadington City Hall
    Call 431-3700 for Desloge City Hall.

  • Does the Parks and Recreation Department charge to reserve a pavillion?

  • There are no fees to use park pavilions, the city recommends that residents call city hall for reservations.

  • How much does a burning permit cost?

  • The city requires permits for burning vegetative matter except from October 15th through April 15th. Burning permits are free.

  • How may I volunteer to help in my community?

  • The Senior Nutrition Center needs volunteers to deliver local meals on wheels. Your help would be appreciated by the recipients and others. Call 431-4974 to sign up. Habitat for Humanity needs volunteers at the Re-Store in their 4602 Highway 67 location. Call 760-1702 for details. City boards and commissions need volunteers to serve as members, call City Hall for details. Sign-up deadlines include: January for City Council, April for the library advisory board, August for the Industrial Development Authority, September for Planning and Zoning Commission, and November for Board of Adjustment. The Senior Nutrition Center Advisory Board, and the Senior Citizens Aid Association may consider volunteers for board membership during various months. The Park Hills Fire Department accepts applications for volunteer firefighters at City Hall and 410 Front Street. HospiceCare, a local non-profit program, trains volunteers for other services. Call 431-0162

  • Does the city crew collect bulk trash?

  • City crews collect bulk trash three times per year by city wards. To sign up for this service, bring $7.50 to city hall during the first week of the month corresponding to your ward (Jan. for Ward 1, Feb. for Ward 2, March for Ward 3 etc.) with your address and read the list of items allowed in the bulk trash collection.

  • How will the holiday affect my recycling and trash collection?

  • Holiday trash collection occurs the day after the holiday except for Friday holidays. Friday holiday trash collection occurs the day before the holiday on Thursday. The most common, Monday holiday trash pick-up, occurs on Tuesday after the Monday holiday. Recycling collection resumes regular pick-up the week after a holiday.

  • What kind of recycling is available in Park Hills?

  • The city collects recycling weekly at your curb. Service details can be viewed here.

  • Where can I find local child care?

  • The state of Missouri offers guidance to finding local child care.

  • Can I operate a golf cart or other alternate vehicle on Park Hills streets?

  • Click here to learn about alternate vehicle operation on city streets.

Park Hills

Park Hills, Missouri is nestled in the St. Francois range of the Ozark Mountains along the Mississippi River Valley. The city boasts historic antebellum roots from the early lead mining industry, recreational activities, including the ATV area at St. Joe State Park, great family parks and a city pool, a downtown with diverse architecture, and several surrounding wineries. Park Hills: mining the past, growing the future.


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