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Resource Center for Entrepreneurs

You can schedule a business plan review for your prospective local business by appointment with the economic development office. Call Tammi Coleman at 431-3577. The city offers business plan reviews at no cost for businesses in the city limits. If you have a smartphone or another mobile device, you can download the Business Plan & Start from Google Play or the iTunes Store to start your business plan at no cost.

The state of Missouri has a list of steps to start your business and an application for business loans of up to $25,000. Call the number above for help with the application if needed. You can arrange for a business loan through SEED$ by calling 431-4296.

Market information and site locating assistance is also available to prospective businesses. Appointment requests are taken by telephone or e-mail. The city library and the Mineral Area College Continuing Education building offer the use of computers with internet connection free of charge during weekdays. Business managers can call our police liaison, Detective Mike Kurtz at 431-3190 with routine security questions ranging from counterfeit detection to secure commercial operations.

First-time city business licenses in Park Hills cost $15 for the year and come due for renewal every June 30th. Subsequent licenses are priced at a rate of 50 cents per $1,000 in gross receipts after the $15 for the first $10,000. Contractor licenses may be applied for using this application. Door-to-door sellers must apply for and receive a Peddlers license before selling in the city. All new businesses must apply with the St. Francois County Collector for a $25 Merchant's License. Any business planning to sell alcohol must first complete a liquor license application.

Licenses are issued at City Hall. Licensed businesses must present a no-tax-due document from the Missouri sales tax inquiry system for renewal of their city business license. Find the IRS filing dates for your business here. The IRS also has tax record guidance for your business.

If you hire employees you must report to Missouri in 20 days or less. You can report electronically at this web site. Learn if a local business has become delinquent in paying state sales taxes by clicking here.

Business planning templates are available below. Balance sheet templates and other financial spreadsheets are also available in MSĀ® Excel format. You can perform cash-flow analysis using the Lacher spreadsheet to compare your business with similar businesses by copying the Biz Stats financial ratios for your business type into the worksheet.

Business Opportunities

Park Hills has markets for the services listed below. These business opportunities have been identified by gap analysis of the local market conditions. The community is open to new entrepreneurs and welcomes the chance to patronize new hometown businesses as they enter the local market. Park Hills has locations available at which the identified business opportunities could be started and sustained by entrepreneurs or investors.

  • Professional & technical services
    • Information technology services
    • Engineering and surveying services
    • Land Title service
    • Chemical Engineering consultant services
  • Information & education Service
    • Financial services
    • Private employment service
    • Private investigator & security services
  • Food Stores
    • Warehouse club
    • Specialty grocer
    • Liquor store
  • Specialty restaurants
    • Dine-in pizza parlor
    • Bakery
    • Drinking establishment
  • Arts & recreation services
    • Camera Store
    • Jewelry & watch repair service
    • Classic movie or dinner theater
    • Vintage music and video sales
    • Outdoor sporting goods sales
    • Paintball or laser tag facilities
    • Book sales
  • Small appliance sales
    • Personal electronics sales, service & accessories
    • Auto audio system installer
  • Women's & family clothing sales
    • Shoe stores
    • Department or discount stores
  • Personal care sales
    • Optical goods store
    • Cosmetics and beauty sales
    • Health care equipment rental & sales
    • Home health care providers
    • Urgent care services
  • Agriculture services
    • Feed Store
    • Nursery & garden centers
    • Lawn & garden equipment

Domestic Market Conditions

Business Guidance

Management Marketing

Business Planning

The tools offered by BizStats can provide the ratios for average business expenses and margins needed to project earnings and profits in a proforma cash-flow analysis. Business plans can be completed using these ratios in the Lacher spreadsheet, or other business planning tools. A newer tool, Size-up provides a local description of competitors, market opportunities and advertising strategies by business type. The information is free and very informative for business planning. The economic developer can assist in applying these tools to your planning needs. Call 431-3577 for an appointment or stop by at 12 Municipal Dr.


Park Hills

Park Hills, Missouri is nestled in the St. Francois range of the Ozark Mountains along the Mississippi River Valley. The city boasts historic antebellum roots from the early lead mining industry, recreational activities, including the ATV area at St. Joe State Park, great family parks and a city pool, a downtown with diverse architecture, and several surrounding wineries. Park Hills: mining the past, growing the future.


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