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How to report a violation

If you suspect a code violation please contact the Code Inspection Department at the following links. Please include a detailed description of the nature of the violation(s) and an accurate address or location. It is also a good idea to leave your name and number in case there would be a problem with locating the violation.

e-mail Inspector Dill


Nuisance Code Enforcement

The police department enforces the rules concerning nuisances on public or private property. You can call 431-3122 about violations.

Nuisances Generally

220.010 - Any act done or committed or suffered to be done by any person, or anything or substance kept or maintained, placed or thrown in or upon any public or private place, which is injurious to the public health. All pursuits followed or acts done by any person to the hurt, injury, annoyance, inconvenience, or danger of the public.

Unlicensed Vehicles

220.070 - The parking or storing of any motor vehicle or trailer which is not currently and legally licensed under the Statutes of this State is prohibited, unless such motor vehicle or trailer is screened from the city streets and  property by an approved fence of sufficient height to screen such vehicle or trailer from the view of the public.

Junk Prohibited

220.090-Is is unlawful for any person to use or maintain real property within the city limits for the storage of scrap metal, junk, or dissassembled, abandoned materials composed of fiber, paper, plastic, ferrous or non ferrous materials, including lumber, wood, coal, rock, rubbish, or other materials or substance outside tthe confines of a building situated thereupon.

Weeds, Grass and Brush

220.180 - Failure to keep weeds, high grass and brush cut and removed, a nuisance. All persons owning or occupying any lot or tract of land in the city shall keep the weeds, grass, and brush on such property cut and removed. They shall likewise keep the grass, weeds and brush growing on or adjacent to the sidewalk in front of and alongside of their lot or tract of ground cut and removed. Whenever such weeds, high grass or brush shall attain a height of (12) twelve inches, it shall be deemed a public nuisance.

Enforcement Procedures

Whenever a nuisnance is reported or spotted during active patrol, the alleged violator will be issued a written warning. The warning will define the area(s) of violation(s) and will allow a time for the violator to resolve the problem without legal action. If upon expiration of the written warning the violator has failed to comply with the notice, the violator will be cited into Municipal Court.


220.190 - Any person, persons or corporation who shall violate the provisions of this chapter shall be deemed guilty of an offense, and upon conviction thereof shall be assessed a fine with a maximum of five hundred dollars and or ninety days in jail, each day the property remains in violation shall be considered a seperate offense, therefore the fine may be assessed for each day the violation occurs.

Other Action

In addition to the fines noted above, the City may abate the nuisance if the violator fails to remove the nuisance, causing a "Special Tax Bill" against the property for all costs incured during the abatement process. This "Special Tax Bill", shall serve as a first lien on the property until paid. Such bills if not paid shall bear interest at the rate of eight percent (8%) per annum.

State and Federal Housing Laws

Federal Fair Housing Law regulates housing practices in all states

Application for Burning Permit

Fill out the electronic form to apply for a burning permit here. You can print the burning permit application from this link.


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